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Find the right supplier with AI-powered B2B matching

Streamline your B2B matchmaking process with AI-powered technology that allows you to send concrete requests and receive instant prices from a network of vetted suppliers, helping you to find the right supplier quickly and easily.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Streamlined requests

Unique request forms for each business sector, simplifying procurement submissions.

Accurate matchmaking

AI-powered technology matches businesses with suitable suppliers, saving time and improving accuracy.

Verified suppliers

Supplyizi's experts personally verify all suppliers for transparency and trust in procurement.

Powerful Platform Statistics


Verified Suppliers




Concrete Requests a Day



Our Experts Are the Finest

Supplyizi offers a unique request form for each business sector, allowing businesses to quickly and easily submit their procurement needs.


Supplyizi's B2B platform offers a unique request form for each business sector, providing a streamlined process for businesses to submit their procurement needs. This means that businesses can quickly and easily describe the products or services they require, as well as any other important details such as quantity, quality standards, and delivery requirements.


These unique request forms are specifically designed to capture the unique needs and requirements of each business sector. For example, the request form for the food industry may include specific questions about certifications or quality standards that are important for food safety, while the request form for the manufacturing industry may include questions about production capacity or specialized equipment.





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